Family Alestidae

Alestes - Alestes affinis Alestes ansorgii Alestes baremoze Alestes bartoni Alestes batesii Alestes bimaculatus Alestes bouboni Alestes carmesinus Alestes comptus Alestes dentex Alestes grandisquamis Alestes humilis Alestes imbera Alestes jacksonii Alestes liebrechtsii Alestes macrophthalmus Alestes natalensis Alestes peringueyi Alestes rhodopleura Alestes schoutedeni Alestes stuhlmannii Alestes taeniurus Alestes tessmanni Alestes tholloni





Brycinus - Like some other Alestiidae, they are called robber tetras due to their bold and rather carnivorous habits.



Hydrocynus - Hydrocynus, is a genus in the family Alestiidae, a family from the order Characiformes, endemic to the African continent.



Micralestes - Micralestes is a genus of fish in the Alestiidae family.


Petersius - Petersius conserialis is a species of fish in the Alestiidae family, and the sole member of the genus Petersius.

Rhabdalestes - Rhabdalestes is a genus of fish in the Alestiidae family.


Order : Characiformes
Family : Alestidae