Genus Pygoscelis

Adelie Penguin - The Adélie Penguin is one of three species in the genus Pygoscelis. Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA evidence suggests the genus split from other penguins around 38 million years ago, about 2 million years after the ancestors of the genus Aptenodytes. In turn, the Adélie penguins split off from the other members of the genus around 19 million years ago.


Chinstrap Penguin - Chinstrap Penguins grow to 68 cm in length, and a weight of 6 kg Their diet consists of krill, shrimp and fish.

Gentoo Penguin - The application of Gentoo to the penguin is unclear, according to the OED, which reports that Gentoo was an Anglo-Indian term, used as early as 1638 to distinguish Hindus in India from Muslims, the English term originating in Portuguese gentio ; in the twentieth century the term came to be regarded as derogatory.

Order : Sphenisciformes
Family : Spheniscidae
Genus : Pygoscelis