Family Spheniscidae

Aptenodytes - The genus Aptenodytes

Eudyptes - The term crested penguin is the name given to several species of penguin of the genus Eudyptes.

Eudyptula - The genus Eudyptula contains two species of penguin.

Megadyptes - Megadyptes is a genus of penguin which consists of two species, Megadyptes antipodes and the extinct Megadyptes waitaha .

Pygoscelis - The genus Pygoscelis contains three living species of penguins collectively known as "The Brush-Tailed Penguins".

Spheniscus - The African, Humboldt, and Magellanic species all live in more temperate climates such as South Africa and the southern coasts of Chile and Argentina while the Galápagos Penguin is native to the Galapagos Islands, making it the most northerly of all penguin species.

Order : Sphenisciformes
Family : Spheniscidae