Adelie Penguin

The Adélie Penguin is one of three species in the genus Pygoscelis. Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA evidence suggests the genus split from other penguins around 38 million years ago, about 2 million years after the ancestors of the genus Aptenodytes. In turn, the Adélie penguins split off from the other members of the genus around 19 million years ago.

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The Adelie Penguin is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Adelie penguins can swim up to 45 miles per hour. Adelie penguins are preyed on by skua. Behavior - Adélie Penguins at Cape Adare Like all penguins, the Adélie is highly social, foraging and nesting in groups. They are also very aggressive to other penguins that steal stones from their nest. More

oggPlay video Adelie penguins in Antarctica * Early footage of the penguins was captured on the Terra Nova Expedition to the South Pole by cameraman Herbert Ponting. They featured prominently in his 1933 documentary, Ninety Degrees South, because at the time nobody had managed to bring one back to Europe alive. * The 1938 children's book Mr. More

Adelie Penguins show a number of specialised adaptations to the cold often encountered by this species that restrict heat loss. Identification: A medium-sized penguin recognised by its white eye-ring. Feathers on the back of the head are slightly elongated and can be raised to form a small crest. Light-coloured individuals occur rarely in some colonies. More

* Adelie penguins can dive up to 500 feet for prey, but usually dives are much shallower. * There is fierce competition among penguins for nesting sites, especially on the higher well-drained ground - stealing pebbles from neighboring birds' nests is a favorite pastime. More

Adelie penguins are the smallest of the penguins living on the Antarctica continent. They are about 28 inches (70 cm) tall and weigh about 8 to 9 lbs. (4 kilogram). Adelie penguins were named after the wife of a French explorer in the 1830s. These penguins nest and breed on the rocky, ice-free beaches in large colonies of ten thousands of birds. There are over 2.5 million breeding pairs living in the Antarctica region. More

Adelie penguins are spread around the coastlines of the Antarctic continent and on several nearby islands (e.g. S. Shetland, S. Orkney, S. Sandwich, Balleny and Peter Islands). Breeding colonies are found on ice-free coastal areas. Individual birds may be rarely sighted on subantarctic islands. Adelies belong to the Pygoscelid family of penguins along with the closely related Chinstrap Penguin and the Gentoo. More

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Adelie Penguin Description - Many people get a good laugh out of the body design of the Adelie Penguin. This species definitely looks like it could use going on a diet. The fact that it is short and round also contributes to the awkward way in which it moves around slowly on land. They are much more graceful in the water where they spend plenty of their time. More

Adelie penguins live in Antarctica. They live at sea, on the pack ice, during the winter. In the summer, they go to the rookery and build nests along the coast. The rookery is a very noisy place. Nests, eggs, and chicks: The penguins build their nests using small stones. The nests are built on hills. There are not many stones, so the penguins may fight or steal other penguin's stones. More

7/ Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) tobogganing 3/ Why are these penguins hopping about on the ice? 8/ Penguin dive 4/ How long were they stuck? 9/ Surprise! - where did you come from? 5/ Are there any problems in photographing penguins in these conditions? 10/ Is this a penguin? Wait until his father gets home! Adélie penguin story Adélie Penguin Basics Average Weight: More

Adelie penguin constructing a pebble nesting moundAdelie penguin constructing a pebble nesting moundPhoto: Ivor Harris Vital Statistics - Scientific name: Pygoscelis adeliae Name Derivation: Named in 1930 by the french explorer Jules Dumont d'Urville for his wife Adélie. Physical description & related species: Adélie penguins are 46 to 75 cm long and 3.9 to 5.8 kg in weight. They are distinguished by the white ring surrounding the eye. More

There are 38 colonies of Adelie penguins, and there are over 5 million Adelies in the Ross Sea Region. Ross Island supports a colony of approximately half a million Adélie penguins. Coloring Feathers: They have distinctive markssuch as white rings surrounding the eye, and feathers at the base of the bill. Also, the Adélie has a longer tail than most other penguins. Beak: The bill is red, and mostly hidden by feathers. More

Adelie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) feeding young. Like its relatives, a neatly bi-coloured species with a head marking. Magellanic Penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) guarding nest burrow. The closed neck collar denotes this species. Closeup of Southern Rockhopper Penguin (Eudyptes chrysocome). The number of extant penguin species is debated. Depending on which authority is followed, penguin biodiversity varies between 17 and 20 living species, all in the subfamily Spheniscinae. More

Adelie Penguin - Pygoscelis Adeliae - bullet Distinguishing features bullet Sub-species bullet Height & Weight bullet Breeding locations bullet Nesting Behaviour bullet Principal Diet bullet Alternative names Distinguishing features Adelies are the archetypal penguins that are supposed More

Adelie Penguin • Chinstrap Penguin • Gentoo Penguin Eudyptula (little penguins) Little Penguin (or Little Blue Penguin) • White-flippered Penguin (or Northern Little Penguin) Spheniscus (banded penguins) Magellanic Penguin • Humboldt Penguin • Galápagos Penguin • African Penguin Megadyptes Yellow-eyed Penguin • Waitaha Penguin Eudyptes (crested penguins) Fiordland Penguin • Snares Penguin • Erect-crested Penguin • Southern Rockhopper Penguin • Northern Rockhopper Penguin • More

ten pounds, the Adelie Penguin has a black head, neck, back, sides, and tail. Its tail is somewhat longer than other penguin species. The breast and underparts are white. The Adelie Penguin has a conspicuous white eye ring and a dark red bill. Males and females are identical. Adelie Penguins are powerful swimmers and can leap straight from the water onto land. They often move about the ice by sliding on their bellies. Diet: The Adelie Penguin feeds on squid, krill, and fish. More

Adelie Penguins are one of the most well known and common Antarctic Penguins. They are between 46 and 61 cms (18 - 24 inches) in height and they weigh between 4 and 5.5 kgs (8.75 - 12 lbs). They have a black head and back and a white coloured front. They have a distinctive white ring around their eyes and their beak is reddish in colour with a black tip. More

Adelie Penguins flourish in a harsh environment. Like all other plants and animals, these remarkable creatures have evolved with many adaptations which make them masters of their environment. More

A gentle gust of wind will cause your Adelie penguin to "waddle" in the yard. Your penguin will always face down wind when placed properly on a Penguin Country stake. * Adult Penguins are 4lbs, stand 22" * Baby Penguins are 1.5 lbs, stand 12". * Stakes are sold separately and will give the Penguin his/her patented 360 More

The Adelie Penguins appetite consists on Fish, Squid and Krill a shrimp-like shell fish that is a main species in the Antarctic ecosystem. Food for the chicks comes straight from a parent's mouth. The adults return with undigested food stored in their crop (A special pouch in the Parents mouth). A chick fits it's bill inside the adult's mouth to receive the food. The parents then regurgitate the food for the chick to eat. More

Adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) = * Wildlife Finder * Animals * Adelie penguin An Adelie penguin flaps its wings Adelie penguins are found in the Southern Ocean round Antarctica. They breed further south than any other penguin, venturing about 100 km (60 miles) from the sea to their nest sites on the Antarctic mainland. More

The Adelie penguin is the most common penguin in Antarctica and is the spokes penguin of the penguin species! With their black and white tuxedos, the Adelie penguin is what comes to mind when we think of penguins. These penguins were named by Admiral Durmont d'Urville after his wife, Adelie, as a gift demonstrating his love and affection. After a long winter in the Southern Hemisphere, the Adelie penguins make their way to their mating grounds throughout coastal Antarctica. More

The Adelie penguin population is stable and increasing, with some populations increasing by 11.7% near the Ross Sea, Wilkes Land, East Antarctica due to warming trends that increase prey abundance Conservation Concerns Adelie penguins are sensitive to human presence via research bases near the Ross Sea, Cape Royds and Terre Adelie. Stricter regulations on construction and disturbances, however, have thwarted population decrease. More

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Order : Sphenisciformes
Family : Spheniscidae
Genus : Pygoscelis
Species : adeliae
Authority : (Hombron & Jacquinot, 1841)