Genus Vipera


Mountain Viper - The maximum is a little less than 78 cm , although most specimens are smaller.


Russian Viper - Adult males grow to a maximum length of 99 cm.

Wagner's Viper - Grows to a maximum length of 70-95 cm.

Sand Viper - Grows to a maximum length of 95 cm , although individuals usually measure less than 85 cm .

Asp Viper - Grows to an average length of 60-65 cm.


Turkish Viper - Stoutly built, adult females are reported to reach a maximum length of 60 cm.

Common Viper - Relatively thick-bodied, adults grow to 60 cm in length with an average of 55 cm .


Darevsky's Viper - The reported maximum length for females is 42.


Dinnik's Viper - Of the 49 Russian specimens examined by Orlov and Tuniyev , 29 were males and the largest measured 41.

Kaznakow's Viper - A stoutly built species, of which the males are usually shorter and more slender than the females.


Lataste's Viper - Grows to a maximum length of about 72 cm, but usually less.


Caucasus Viper - For adult males, the maximum length is 78 cm, for females 70 cm.


Adder - Grows to a maximum length of 60 cm.


Mountain Viper - A very small species with a maximum length of less than 40 cm.


Black Sea Viper - Probably does not grow to more than 60 cm in length.

Portugese Viper - Adults may grow to a length of 75 cm, but usually less.

Orsini's Viper - Adults average 40-50 cm in length, although specimens of 63-80 cm have been reported.

Order : Squamata
Family : Viperidae
Genus : Vipera