Vipera magnifica

Vipera magnifica was observed and described just in 2001 that is why there is no any information about biology and ecology(way of living) of this species. More

description of Vipera orlovi and Vipera magnifica; revision of Vipera ursinii complex. Last updated 30/08/2002 2000 Publications Elapidae - Revision of Drysdalia+Elapognathus and Echiopsis/Paroplocephalus; descriptions of the new species Hydrophis laboutei, Micrurus pachecogili, Naja mandalayensis and Pailsus rossignolii. More

Zpět na taxon Vipera magnifica - zmije adygejská UKÁZAT INFONÁPOVĚDA Strom = << O stupeň zpět - Pelias druh zmije adygejská Vipera magnifica = říše Animalia More

Order : Squamata
Family : Viperidae
Genus : Vipera
Species : Vipera magnifica
Authority : TUNIYEV & OSTROVSKIKH 2001