Order : Perissodactyla
Family : Rhinocerotidae


Animals in the family Rhinocerotidae

White rhinoceros
Sumatran rhinoceros
Black rhinoceros
Javan rhinoceros
Indian rhinoceros
Facts about the family Rhinocerotidae, the rhinoceroses

The biggest threat to the survival of black rhinoceroses is disease.

The vision of rhinoceroses is poor, but this deficiency is compensated for by acute senses of smell and hearing. (Full text)

The other thing that I noticed about rhinoceroses is that they don't really do anything.

>Integument from the perissodactyl articleThe skin of rhinoceroses is extraordinarily thick.

Integument from the perissodactyl articleThe skin of rhinoceroses is extraordinarily thick. (Full text)

The shortfall in funding to support conservation of the world's remaining 12,000 rhinoceroses is the most serious finding.

I mean hell, failure of liberals to notice the growth of an entire red state savanna land out here coursing with rhinoceroses is weird.

Rhinoceroses - Behavior African White Rhinoceroses are rather peaceful grazers, but African Black Rhinoceroses are very aggressive to humans and other intruders, and are likely to charge. (Full text)

Modern Rhinoceroses are the descendants of the Wooly Rhinoceros that had a thick and shaggy fur and inhabited the large range from Siberia to the British Isles. (Full text)

Rhinoceroses are considered megaherbivores because of the large quantities of plants they consume to survive.

And the rhinoceroses are not so bad. (Full text)

Images of Rhinoceroses These Images of Rhinoceroses are brought to you by Gifart.

It is worth noting that rhinoceroses are extremely rare in Mughal art and Miskin is one of very few artists who portrays them.

Physical Description: Very large, brownish gray, with plate-like pleats to their thick skin, greater one-horned Asian rhinoceroses are built somewhat like tanks with skinny, short legs.

Rhinoceroses are herbivores or plant eaters. (Full text)

Rhinoceroses are divided into several varieties: the Indian rhinoceros, “whose area of distribution seems limited to the Indian peninsula”; the Varana rhinoceros, “as far as our knowledge goes, is found only in Java”. (Full text)

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