OnagerAmong the world of equids, the Onager is one of the bigger breeds in Asia. Onagers (Equus Onager) is the fastest, and they are known to be capable of speeds reaching 70km per hour. They could usually be found on semi-desert areas where it is hot (day), cool (nighttime) and only some occurrences of rain.

Body/Head length of an Onager is usually two meters and its weight is in the range of 250 kgs. It has a light sandy-red coat that has a pronounced brown line running through the backbone area. Legs are quite short (thin too). The male is just a bit bigger than the female counterparts. An Onager would eat grass if it's the nearest thing/food to it, but they are known to survive on trees and herbs. They get most of the water they need from the foods itself, but chances are, they would always be within thirty kilometers from water.

The female and their young form a very temporary, small set from 2 to 5 members. The can be found in China, India, Iran, Mongolia and Turkmenistan. Their main threats are the direct competition with grazing livestock, loss of habitat, and poaching for meat and hides.

Picture of the Onager by Alessio Marrucci, licensed under GFDL.

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