Family Narcinidae


Benthobatis - Benthobatis is a genus of fish in the Narcinidae family.


Diplobatis - Diplobatis is a genus of fish in the Narcinidae family.


Discopyge - The apron ray, Discopyge tschudii, is a small electric ray in the numbfish family, Narcinidae, known for being able to generate electric shocks for defense.


Electrolux - Electrolux was founded in 1910 as Elektromekaniska AB, and changed its name to Elektrolux after merging with Lux AB in 1919.

Narcine - Narcine is a genus of small electric rays in the numbfish family, Narcinidae.

Narke - The name of the province is partly derived from an old name for the people of the province, the Njarar or Nerikjar , a name that occurs in the Scandinavian version of the Lay of Weyland the smith.

Temera - Temera may refer to:


Typhlonarke - Both Typhlonarke species are native to New Zealand; the exact distribution of each species is uncertain due to confusion between the two.

Order : Torpediniformes
Family : Narcinidae