Genus Centroscyllium


Highfin dogfish - The highfin dogfish is ovoviviparous.

Black dogfish - The black dogfish has no anal fin, grooved dorsal spines, a second dorsal fin larger than the first, rounded nose, large eyes, trident shaped teeth, a long abdomen, and is blackish-brown in color.

Granular dogfish - The granular dogfish has no anal fin, two dorsal spines with the second one much larger than the first, a large second dorsal fin, a long abdomen, small pectoral and pelvic fins, a large eye, prominent nostrils and spiracles, and brownish-black coloration.

Bareskin dogfish - The bareskin dogfish has no anal fin.

Granular dogfish - The combtooth dogfish has no anal fin, grooved dorsal spines, two dorsal fins of about same size, pointed nose, large eyes, small gill slits, a short abdomen, short caudal peduncle, and is blackish-brown in color with white-tipped fins.

Ornate dogfish - The ornate dogfish, Centroscyllium ornatum, is dogfish shark which is not widely known.

Whitefin dogfish - The largest known example of this shark measured 43 cm long.

Order : Squaliformes
Family : Etmopteridae
Genus : Centroscyllium