Genus Channa


Borna snakehead - As with all snakeheads, C.


Snakehead - Distinguishing features of the northern snakehead include a long dorsal fin with 49-50 rays, anal fin with 31-32 rays, small anteriorly-depressed head, eye above the middle part of the upper jaw, large mouth extending well beyond the eye, villiform teeth in bands, large canine on the lower jaw and palatines, length up to 40 inches , with one report of 60 inches

Small snakehead - Channa asiatica, is a species of snakehead.


Channa aurantimaculata - This species grows to 16 inches .


Barca snakehead - The Barca snakehead, Channa barca, is a species of snakehead.


Channa bleheri - This species is one of the favourite snakeheads for aquarists because of the colors that give it its common name.

Channa gachua - It can be found in Asian countries from Pakistan to Indonesia.

Burmese snakehead - Channa harcourtbutleri is a species of snakehead endemic to Inle Lake.

Channa lucius - It has a distinct series of port-hole markings on the side and has a more tapering head compared to other snakeheads.

Black snakehead - Channa melasoma or Black snakehead is a fish in genus Channa found in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Giant snakehead - The young of the giant snakehead are red in color, with orange and black lateral stripes appearing after about two months.


Burmese snakehead - Channa orientalis is a dwarf snakehead species.

Order : Perciformes
Family : Channidae
Genus : Channa