Channa gachua

It can be found in Asian countries from Pakistan to Indonesia.

Channa gachua is a species of snakehead. It is one of the smallest species of snakehead and has a length of 20 cm. More

further evidence that Channa gachua is a species complex. This is one of three species of snakeheads known to spawn in ponds lacking vascular aquatic plants (Parameswaran and Murugesan, 1976b). More

we term the Channa gachua complex as reflected in the following synonymy, all of which are synonyms of C. gachua and are invalid for C. orientalis (Ralf Britz, personal commun., 2003). Ophiocephalus auranticus Hamilton, 1822:69, 368, pl. 23, fig. 22. Ophicephalus marginatus Cuvier, 1829:230, fide Menon, 1999:275. More

species is that Channa gachua has ventral fins and Channa orientalis does not. Besides that there... More

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Channidae
Genus : Channa
Species : Channa gachua
Authority : Hamilton, 1822