Azores rockling

One adult male Azores rockling Gaidropsarus granti was captured by trammel nets at a depth of about 250 m near the coast of Arbatax (Sardinia, Italy) in early March 2007. This new report confirms a wide bathymetric range for this species. More

Common names

Abrótea-da-poça in Portuguese (Português)
Aranha da pedra in Portuguese (Português)
Azor-havkvabbe in Danish (dansk)
Azores rockling in English
Barbada in Spanish (español)
Grant's rockling in English
Madeira-havkvabbe in Danish (dansk)
Motelle à taches blanches in French (français)
Viúva in Portuguese (Português)
Viúva do alto in Portuguese (Português)
斑三须鳕 in Mandarin Chinese
斑三鬚鱈 in Mandarin Chinese
格氏三须鳕 in Mandarin Chinese
格氏三鬚鱈 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Gadiformes
Family : Lotidae
Genus : Gaidropsarus
Species : Gaidropsarus guttatus
Authority : Regan, 1903