Threadfin rockling

The Threadfin rockling lives in the benthopelagic, marine, depth range 0 - 2000 m environment.

Threadfin rockling; Threadfin bass; Threadfin bream; Threadfin cardinalfish; Threadfin scat; Indian threadfin; Threadfin butterflyfish; Threadfin sculpin; Threadfin anthias; Threadfin bonefish; Fourfinger threadfin; Threadfin angler; King threadfin; Total Images : 98 Page No. More

* Threadfin rockling, Gaidropsarus ensis (Reinhardt, 1837) * Azores rockling, Gaidropsarus granti (Regan, 1903) * Gaidropsarus guttatus (Collett, 1890) Fourbeard rockling, Enchelyopus cimbrius More

mentella), threadfin rockling (Gaidropsaurus ensis), and especially in the Baffin Bay area, snailfish (Liparis fabricii), Arctic skate (Raja hyperborea), and polar cod (Treble et al., 2000; Treble, 2002; Jørgensen, 2002). Mean biomass between regions was compared using ANOVAs and Tukey's HSD post hoc analyses. More

The threebeard rockling, also known as the threadfin rockling, has two dorsal fins, the first of which has an unusual arrangement of rays. The first ray in this fin is long, up to 20% of the total body length, while the other rays are short and close to the body. More

Common names

Arctic threebeard rockling in English
Arctique threebeard rockling in English
Artic threebeard rockling in English
Bertorella in Spanish (español)
Langstrålet arktisk havkvabbe in Danish (dansk)
Motelnica in Polish (polski)
Mustèle arctique à trois barb. in French (français)
Mustèle arctique à trois barbillons in French (français)
Threadfin rockling in English
Three-beard rockling in English
Threebeard rockling in English
剑状三须鳕 in Mandarin Chinese
劍狀三鬚鱈 in Mandarin Chinese
驢江鱈 in Mandarin Chinese
驴江鳕 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Gadiformes
Family : Lotidae
Genus : Gaidropsarus
Species : Gaidropsarus ensis
Authority : Reinhardt, 1837