Schizopygopsis kessleri

Schizopygopsis kessleri is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Schizopygopsis.

The taxonomic status of Schizopygopsis kessleri distributed in Qiadam Basin is remained controversial for a long time. In the present study, the complete sequence of the mitochondrial Cyt b gene from twenty four individuals of S. More

Schizopygopsis kessleri Herzenstein, 1891?Schizopygopsis kessleri makianensis Tchang, Yueh & Hwang, 1964 - Schizopygopsis kialingensis Tsao & Tun, 1962 - Schizopygopsis malacanthus Herzenstein, 1891Chuanchia chengi Fang, 1936; (synonym) Schizopygopsis malacanthus More

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Schizopygopsis
Species : Schizopygopsis kessleri
Authority : Herzenstein, 1891