Nannocharax reidi

The Nannocharax reidi lives in the pelagic, freshwater environment.

•Valid as Nannocharax reidi Vari & Ferraris 2004 - (Vari 2007:447 ). Current status: Valid as Nannocharax reidi Vari & Ferraris 2004 Distichodontidae: . Distribution: Upper Cross River, Cameroon. Habitat: freshwater. More

Nannocharax reidi, new species, is described from several localities in the upper Cross River basin in Cameroon. The species possesses the synapomorphies of the clade comprising Nannocharax and Hemigrammocharax. More

Order : Characiformes
Family : Citharinidae
Genus : Nannocharax
Species : Nannocharax reidi
Authority : Vari & Ferraris, 2004