* genre Mylesinus Valenciennes in Cuvier et Valenciennes, 1850 * genre Myleus Müller et Troschel, 1844 * genre Myloplus Gill, 1896 * genre Mylossoma Eigenmann et Kennedy, 1903 * genre Nanocheirodon More

Le genre Mylesinus ne concerne que trois espèces de poissons américains de la famille des Characidés. More

Mylesinus paucisquamatus is most closely related to other species of Myleus. ADVISERS: * Dr. More

Myleus setiger with Mylesinus and Tometes is relatively well-supported (PP = 1.00, BV = 67, Figure 3) suggesting strong affinities of Myleus with species designated to these genera. A robust group of Myloplus species (M. rubripinnis, M. asterias, M. tiete, and M. More

Mylesinus, Ossubtus and Tometes have geared teeth incisiformes bi- and tricuspides. Tometes differs from these two kinds by the teeth of the jaws which are thicker and shorter. More

* Mylesinus Valenciennes in Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1849 More

Mylesinus, Ossubtus and Tometes have geared bi- and tricuspid incisiform teeth. Tometes differs from this two genus by thicker and lower teeth. The posteriormost premaxillary labial teeth of Tometes are different of the anterior ones, short and with a sigmo More

* Genus (10): Acnodon · Mylesinus · Pristobrycon · Pygocentrus · Pygopristis · Rooseveltiella · Serrasalmo · Serrasalmus · Tometes · Utiaritichthys * Species: ZipcodeZoo has pages for 109 species and subspecies in More

Common names

Pacu in Portuguese (Português)
Pacu cana in Portuguese (Português)

Order : Characiformes
Family : Characidae
Genus : Mylesinus
Species : Myleus setiger
Authority :