Hemigrammus cupreus

The Hemigrammus cupreus lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Hemigrammus cupreus can therefore be found both in the river itself and in various flooded habitats, including lakes known locally as 'várzeas'. Many of these contain rafts of floating plants commonly referred to as 'meadows'. More

Hemigrammus cupreus Durbin in Eigenmann, 1918 Species Hemigrammus cylindricus Durbin, 1909 More

Maybe Hemigrammus cupreus, although this species is more coppery than golden. ... www.petfrd.com 6 Master Index of Freshwater Fishes (Girardinichthys ... Glänzender Kupfertetra See Hemigrammus cupreus ... Glowlight Tetra See Hemigrammus erythrozonus. Glühkohlenbarbe See Puntius fasciatus ... More

Common names

Glänzender Kupfertetra in German (Deutsch)
Hohtokuparitetra in Finnish (suomen kieli)

Order : Characiformes
Family : Characidae
Genus : Hemigrammus
Species : Hemigrammus cupreus
Authority : Durbin, 1918