Bryconops imitator

The Bryconops imitator lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Bryconops imitator a new species of freshwater fish from the Rio Caura, Venezuela. Icht. Explor. Freshwaters, 13 (3): 193-202 * Machado-Allison, A., B. Chernoff, P. Buckup & R. Royero (1993). More

Bryconops imitator Chernoff y Machado-Allison 2002 Bryconops inpai Knöppel, Junk y Géry 1968 Bryconops magoi Chernoff & Machado-Allison, 2005 Bryconops vibex Machado-Allison, Chernoff y Buckup 1996 Género Catoprion Müller y Troschel 1844 Catoprion mento (Cuvier 1819) More

Bryconops imitator Chernoff and Machado-Allison in Chernoff, Machado-Allison, Provenzano, Willink and Petry, 2002 Taxonomic Serial No. More

Order : Characiformes
Family : Characidae
Genus : Bryconops
Species : Bryconops imitator
Authority : Chernoff & Machado-Allison,2002