Genus Cicinnurus

Magnificent Bird-of-paradise - The Magnificent Bird-of-paradise is distributed amongst the hill and mid-mountain forests of New Guinea and surrounding islands. Its diet consists mainly of fruits. Like most members of the Paradisaeidae family, the male is polygamous and performs an elaborate courtship display.

King Bird-of-paradise - The King Bird-of-paradise is distributed throughout lowland forests of New Guinea and nearby islands. This so-called "living gem" is the smallest and most vividly colored among birds of paradise. The diet consists mainly of fruits and arthropods.


Wilson's Bird-of-paradise - In the field the blue bare skin on the crown of the bird's head is so vivid that it is clearly visible by night, the deep scarlet back and velvet green breast are lush, and the curlicue tail gleams bright silver.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Paradisaeidae
Genus : Cicinnurus