Genus Recurvirostra

American Avocet - This avocet has long, thin, gray legs, giving it its colloquial name, "blue shanks". The plumage is black and white on the back with white on the underbelly. The neck and head are cinnamon colored in the summer and gray in the winter. The long, thin bill is upturned at the end. The adult is about 45 cm tall.


Andean Avocet - This 43-48 cm long avocet has a white head, neck, underparts and rump, and dark brown back, wings and tail. The thin, grey legs are not as long as with other avocet species, but the long thin black bill is upturned at the end. The sexes are similar, and the juvenile plumage is undescribed.

Avocet - This species gets its English and scientific names from its black cap, as once worn by European advocates or lawyers.

Red-necked Avocet - With long wading legs, this bird is found swimming and wading on or around lakes and shallow areas such as mud flats.