Human (homo sapiens)

homo sapiensWhether you like it or not, this entry is about you. You are a member of the human race (homo sapiens), the scientific name meaning "thinking man". You are a mammal, a primate, and share about 98.4% of the genes with a chimpanzee (did you know that the average human has more hair than the average chimp, they are just less visible?). There are two scientific theories, apart from religious beliefs, of the origins of contemporary humans. The first theory, the "out of Africa" theory, says that modern humans evolved in Africa and migrated to other parts of the world. The second theory, the "multiregional theory" on the other hand, says that modern humans evolved from independent human populations. There also is the "Toba catastrophe theory", which states that an eruption of a vulano took place 70 - 75 thousand years ago which caused a shift in temperature leading to a decrease of population of humans that existed at that time. This caused an acceleration of the differentiation of isolated human species, eventually leading to the end of all the other human species except for the branch that became modern humans. The "out of Africa" theory is the most popular around scientists, which states that humans originated 100 to 200 thousand years ago.
The rate at which technology influences our lives is very high, (I could not have told several other humans about our origins 20 years ago, when nobody heared of the "internet"). As for your personal quest to the answers to the questions "where do we come from?" and "what is our goal in life?": good luck and take care :)

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