Red-toothed shrews

Red-toothed shrews

Order : Insectivora
Family : Soricidae
Subfamily : Soricinae


Facts about the subfamily Soricinae, the red-toothed shrews

Sub-family Soricinae The sub-family Soricinae is represented by seven genera (57 species) (Full text)

Also the second Recent subfamily Soricinae is now extremely diversified.

Red-toothed shrews are so called because their teeth have a reddish appearance on account of a deposition of iron in the outer layer of enamel (Dötsch and Koenigswald, 1978), which may increase resistance to wear. (Full text)

Soricinae, red-toothed shrews, are more temperate and arctic in distribution - they are found in Eurasia and N.

Other species of red-toothed shrews are restricted chiefly to North America, where they are found in greater variety than in the Old World, though Neomys is not represented.

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