Order : Hyracoidea
Family : Procaviidae


Animals in the family Procaviidae

Southern tree hyrax
Yellow-spotted hyrax
Rock hyrax
Facts about the family Procaviidae, the hyraxes

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The population density for Bush Hyraxes varies from 20-81 animals per hectare, and the density of Rock Hyraxes is from 5-56 animals per hectare. (Full text)

The main claim to fame of hyraxes is that they are the closest living relative of the elephant.

In hyraxes, is the molarifrom dentition replaced horizontally?

For example, the dental formula of hyraxes is written as I 1/2, C 0/0, P 4/4, M 3/3 x 2 = 34. (Full text)

The postcanine tooth row in hyraxes is retracted beneath the orbits, as in humans, but lies anterior to the orbit under a rostrum in pigs.

Hendrik Hoeck Predation and parasites The most important predator of hyraxes is the Verreaux eagle, which feeds almost exclusively on them.

The classification of hyraxes is disputed, but the common practice for most of the past century has been to place them in a separate order - the Hyracoidea - within the superorder Paenungulata (which includes other near-ungulates such as elephants, dugongs, sea cows and manatees).

Hyraxes are the “conies” mentioned in the Bible.

Taxonomy Hyraxes are members of the order Hyracoidea, family Procaviidae. (Full text)

Hyraxes Hyraxes are my favourite animal.

Introduction Hyraxes are brown, almost tail-less animals.

Hyraxes are placed in the order ______________.

Hyraxes are small, rabbit-sized mammals that live in Africa and the Middle East.

These rock hyraxes are sunning themselves on ledges at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Hyraxes are mainly vegetarian but also eat insects and grubs.

Male hyraxes are slightly larger than females. (Wiki)

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