Kodkods (Oncifelis guigna) live in the forests of South Andean/ranges of Argentina and Chile. A Kodkod is also capable of staying at disturbed environments, records have been made of captures in cultivated lands and secondary forest areas. A Kodkod is a small felid (feline) measuring from .58 to .68 m, that includes the tail of this animal. Color-wise, they can go from gray brown to (sometimes) black. Usually though, a Kodkod's ears are black with light spots. According to some experts, these cats could be the subspecies of the Geoffroy's Cat. One very unusual trait of these cats is the fact that they could nest in bamboo thickets found under trees (whatever it is they do there...your guess is as good as mine). Allegedly, it is the smallest cat existing in the Americas.

This is one rare creature, and due to its rarity, almost nothing could be said about their reproduction, either captured or out in the wild. However, this much is known: a litter size could be from 2 to 3 young. A Kodkod is nocturnal, very arboreal, that is, they go to the trees when chased by the wild's predators, whichever it may be.

Food habits: they have been known to survive on birds and tiny mammals. Their favorite foods are birds and rodents. They may actually survive in eucalyptus plantations, as some findings assert. One solitary male exists (existed, if it is dead by now) in a zoo somewhere in Chile.
Life expectancy is about eleven years, but that is an average.

The gestation lasts from 72 days all the way to 78. Litter could be from 1 to 3.

interesting fact: "Kodkod" could have initially referred to the Pampas cat (O colocolo). The latter was also referred to as Guigna by the Chile people.

The Chilean cat, kodkod is listed as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild, on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

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