Leopards, lions, and tigers

Leopards, lions, and tigers

Order : Carnivora
Family : Felidae
Subfamily : Pantherinae


Facts about the subfamily Pantherinae, the leopards, lions, and tigers

-- The Tigers are three weeks away from deciding who, among their young prospects, deserves a September audition.

Over time, this inbreeding weakens the gene pool, and the tigers are born with birth defects and mutations Poaching

Paper Tigers is a network of top editors, writers and designers with extensive journalism, publishing and new media experience.

Saving Wild Tigers is a project run entirely by volunteers, our publicity is mostly by word-of-mouth and we do not waste money on mindless junk mailings.

Situationist International and some drunk Surrealists, The Order of Ten-Fat-Tigers is a political force dedicated to an ideology of deontological constructivist maximal ochlocracy.

Tigers are laid to rest in 10th

'Huge money is involved' "They are consuming tiger parts to such an extent that tigers are threatened because huge money is involved," said P. (Full text)

Efforts to Save Endangered Tigers Are Working (Full text)

php on line 3 Tigers Correspondent Report: Detroit Tigers are going with youth | Fantasy Information Central (Full text)

FEI HU: THE STORY OF THE FLYING TIGERS is a tribute to the small group of men and women who fought against overwhelming odds and lifted the spirits of both the American and Chinese people during the darkest days of World War II. (Full text)

The whereabouts of Colonel Karuna, who until recently was second in command of the Tigers, is still not clear. (Full text)

Zoo's tigers are spooked by the image of Sedova, who died in 1992 (Full text)

Tigers are in the Series - at least in spirit (Full text)

SOUND TIGERS SEEK STORM PATROL & STICK BOYSThe Sound Tigers are looking for qualified candidates to staff games and help with mascot and community appearances. (Full text)

Following mating, the gestation period for tigers is approximately103 days. (Full text)

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