Diplobatis guamachensis

The brownband numbfish is a species of fish in the Narcinidae family.

* Diplobatis guamachensis (Brownband Numbfish) Conservation Status: Vulnerable A2bd+3bd+4bd version 3.1 - Population trend: unknown * Diplobatis ommata (Ocellated Electric Ray) Conservation Status: Vulnerable A2bd+3bd+4bd version 3. More

more common Diplobatis guamachensis in parts of its range and due to identification difficulties between these species, it may be more heavily fished than currently thought. However, most of the range of D. colombiensis is distinct from that of D. guamachensis. More

Diplobatis guamachensis has a restricted distribution in the Western Central Atlantic, where it is known only from Trinidad, Venezuela and northeastern Colombia, occurring in depths of 30 to 183 m. More

Order : Torpediniformes
Family : Narcinidae
Genus : Diplobatis
Species : Diplobatis guamachensis
Authority : Mart