Leopard squeaker

leopard squeaker leopard squeaker (Synodontis leopardinus) (Synodontis leopardus) (Synodontis levequei) (Synodontis longirostris) (Synodontis longispinis) (Synodontis lufirae) (Synodontis macrophthalmus) (Synodontis macrops) largespot squeaker largespot More

Leopard Squeaker See Synodontis leopardinus Leopard Synodontis See Synodontis nigromaculatus Leopard-Antennenwels See Perrunichthys perruno Leopard-B More

nkupe, the inevitable, squeaker and a small leopard squeaker were caught and released. Our safaris are family-orientated and family-run. Andrew, our Downs syndrome son, is our camp manager, and involves himself in all our activities - including the fishing. More

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Mochokidae
Genus : Synodontis
Species : Synodontis woosnami
Authority : Pellegrin, 1914