Synodontis comoensis

The Synodontis comoensis lives in the benthopelagic, potamodromous, freshwater environment.

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Synodontis comoensis; Synodontis bastiani; Synodontis obesus; Synodontis koensis; Synodontis punctifer; Synodontis waterloti; Synodontis levequei; Synodontis vaillanti; Synodontis dhonti; Synodontis decorus; Synodontis leopardus; Synodontis courteti; Synodontis brichardi; Total Images : 78 Page No. More

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Synodontis comoensis Daget and Lévêque, 1981 + Synodontis congica Poll, 1971 ... 5 Category:Mochokidae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Synodontis acanthomias. Synodontis acanthoperca. Synodontis alberti ... Synodontis centralis. Synodontis clarias. Synodontis comoensis. Synodontis congica ... More

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* Petrocephalus bovei bovei Synodontis comoensis Unsexed specimen of Synodontis comoensis Photographer: Karsten Mody Date Taken: July 19, 2002 Location Taken: Comoé River, Cote d\'Ivoire Copyright: (c) 2002 Karsten Mody ZipcodeZoo More

Common names

科莫歧须鮠 in Mandarin Chinese
科莫歧鬚鮠 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Mochokidae
Genus : Synodontis
Species : Synodontis comoensis
Authority : Daget and L