Corydoras serratus

The Corydoras serratus lives in the demersal, freshwater, pH range: 6.0 - 8.0, dH range: 2 - 25 environment.

Although I haven't kept them, Corydoras serratus is supposed to differ in being a 'long nose' cory and has serrated pectoral spines. C. imitator is the 'long nose' companion to adolfoi and has a black dorsal band that narrows towards the tail. More

Corydoras serratus Sands, 1995 - add this species to your "My Cats" page. Common Name(s) None Type Locality Rio Poranga, 8 km north of the Nobua oba, where the two streams join a small trib. More

Corydoras serratus is a very nice species!Best regards, Kim M - Catfish Study Group Guardians of Catfish Skive Akvarieforening User avatar kim m More

Corydoras serratus available at Wildwoods 06/02/2009 Corydoras serratus is currently available at Wildwoods. These are rarely seen in the hobby and they only have 3 specimens available. More

Common names

Piikkievämonninen in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Sägepanzerwels in German (Deutsch)
鋸兵鯰 in Mandarin Chinese
鋸兵鯰 in Unknown
锯兵鲶 in Mandarin Chinese
锯兵鲶 in Unknown

Order : Siluriformes
Family : Callichthyidae
Genus : Corydoras
Species : Corydoras serratus
Authority : Sands 1995