Leiocassis crassilabris

The Leiocassis crassilabris lives in the demersal, freshwater environment.

Leiocassis crassilabris, Gobiobotia filifer and Leiocassis longirostris. Among these large mouth bronze gudgeons caught, 81.8% of them ate fish eggs, the highest among the fish species; the percentage of egg-eating for Pelteobagrus vachelli was the second, up to 76.2%. More

According to both FB and CoF Leiocassis crassilabris is valid. "My Cats" Registered Keepers None. More

(Gunther), Leiocassis crassilabris (Gunther), Leiocassis crassirostrils (Regan), Cyprinus carpio (L.) Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (C. et V.), Mylopharyugodon piceus (Rich.), Elopichthys bambusa (Rich.), Silurus asotus (L.), Silurus soldatovi merionalis (Cheng), Psephurus gladius (Martens), Parabramis pekinensis (Basil.), Culter erythropterus (Basil.) and Erythroculter. More

Common names

Varjokimalaismonni in Finnish (suomen kieli)
粗唇鮠 in Chinese (中文)
粗唇鮠 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Siluriformes
Family : Bagridae
Genus : Leiocassis
Species : Leiocassis crassilabris
Authority : G