Psychrolutes inermis

Psychrolutes inermis Yabe, 1984Cottunculus inermis Vaillant, 1888; (valid as) Cottunculoides inermis Barnard, 1927; (valid as) - Psychrolutes macrocephalus Nelson, 1986Cottunculus macrocephalus Gilchrist, 1904; (valid as) - Psychrolutes marcidus Paxton et More

Species Summary: Psychrolutes inermis, You can sponsor this page, ... References: ...sio* (Scorpaeniformes, Psychrolutidae) from the eastern Pacific of South America and comments on the taxonomy of *Psychrolutes inermis* and *Psychrolutes ... More

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Psychrolutidae
Genus : Psychrolutes
Species : Psychrolutes inermis
Authority : Vaillant, 1888