Dwarf flathead

Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon Philypnodon macrostomus Eastern Gambusia Gambusia holbrookii Estuary Perch Macquaria colonorum False-spined Catfish Neosilurus pseudospinosus Fire-tail Gudgeon Hypseleotris galii Flat-tail Mullet Liza argentea Fly-specked Hardyhead Craterocephalus stercusmuscarum Freshwater Catfish Tandanus More

grandiceps and Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon, Philypnodon macrostomus. Last Updated: 23 June 2009 Would you like to add a comment? Sign up to add comments and find out more about the other benefits you can enjoy. More

Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon Synonyms Philypnodon sp 1 Reference Hoese D.F. and Reader S. 2006. Description of a new species of dwarf Link to Fishbase Data Other Images... More

Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon Synonyms: Family: Eleotrididae Category: OthersFW Distribution: Australia; The Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon is found in slow moving freshwater regions of More

Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon Eleotrididae Botia dario Bengal Loach Dario Loach Indian Loach Queen Loach Cobitis dario Cobitidae More

Dwarf Flathead Gudgeons and the larger Flathead gudgeons (philypnodon species) are common throughout most of Victoria. The dwarf versions only grow to about 40mm and the larger to about 80mm. More

Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon (Philypnodon sp.). ... http://www.nativefish.org.au/fish/fishindex.htm NFA East Gippsland: Striped gudgeon, Gobiomorphus australis. Flatheaded gudgeon, Philypnodon grandiceps. Cox's gudgeon, Gobiomorphus coxii. Tamar river goby, Favonigobius tamarensis. ... http://f15.aaacafe.ne.jp/~ichthy/haze/eleotris. More

Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon SA, Vic, NSW, Qld Prionobutis microps Small-eyed Sleeper Qld, NT, WA ENGRAULIDAE Thryssa scratchleyi Freshwater anchovy Qld, NT More

Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon - Philypnodon sp.1 10. Eastern Freshwater Shrimp - Australatya striolata 11. Eel Tailed catfish – Tandanus tandanus 12. Fairy Shrimp - Machrobrachium australiensis 13. More

Dwarf flathead gudgeon 3 1 Blue eye 0 49 Source: World Wildlife Foundation Australia 2003, Redundant weir removal: the Branch River Crossing - A case study, More

Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon (Philypnodon sp. More

First record of dwarf flathead Elates ransonnetii (Platycephalidae) in the Mediterranean Sea (North-Western Ionian Sea) Premier signalement du platyc More

dwarf flathead gudgeon Gobiidae Awaous acritosus Watson 1994 Chlamydogobius eremius (Zeitz 1896) Chlamydogobius gloveri Larson 1995 Chlamydogobius japalpa More

Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon See Philypnodon sp Dwarf Flounder See Trinectes maculatus Dwarf Galaxias See Galaxias parvus Dwarf Galaxias See Galaxiella pusilla Dwarf Giraffe Catfish See Parauchenoglanis macrostoma Dwarf Goby See Glossogobius sp A More

new discoveries including Dwarf flathead gudgeon at Swanport wetland, Common galaxiids at Paiwalla, and the presence of alien species such as Goldfish starting to establish in other sites. The sampling has also elucidated which sites have diverse fish communities that include some threatened species. More

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Platycephalidae
Genus : Elates
Species : Elates ransonnettii
Authority :

Elates ransonnettii