Spiny flathead

The Spiny flathead lives in the demersal, non-migratory, marine, depth range 10 - 46 m , usually - 10 m environment.

Spiny Flathead , Hoese's Sandgoby, Honeycomb Grouper,Hexagon Rockcod, Half-banded Seaperch , Harlequin Fish, Humpback Scorpionfish , Highfin Amberjack , Halfmoon Triggerfish Hatchets Hawkfish hogfish herring Haitian Cichlid Half-Lined Pyrrhulina Half-Striped Barb Hampala Barb More

Spiny flatheads are flattened, small to medium sized marine fishes of the family Hoplichthyidae. More

Common names

Black-freckled flathead in English
Blotched flathead in English
Northern rock flathead in English
Spiny flathead in English
斯氏大眼鯒 in Mandarin Chinese
斯氏大眼鲬 in Mandarin Chinese
斯氏孔鯒 in Mandarin Chinese
斯氏孔鲬 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Platycephalidae
Genus : Cymbacephalus
Species : Cymbacephalus staigeri
Authority : Castelnau, 1875