Peristedion barbiger

The Peristedion barbiger lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 102 - 102 m environment.

Peristedion antillarum, Peristedion barbiger, Peristedion brevirostre, Peristedion cataphractum, Peristedion crustosum, Peristedion ecuadorense, Peristedion gracile, Peristedion greyae, Peristedion halyi, Peristedion imberbe, Peristedion liorhynchus, Peristedion longispatha, Peristedion miniatum, Peristedion More

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* Peristedion barbiger - Bearded armored sea-robin * Peristedion brevirostre - Flathead Searobin * Peristedion cataphractum - African Armoured Searobin * Peristedion crustosum * Peristedion ecuadorensis * More

Common names

armored sea-robin in English
cabro in sp
cocodrilo in sp
Pez cocodrilo in Spanish (español)
髭黃魴鮄 in Mandarin Chinese
髭黄鲂鮄 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Peristediidae
Genus : Peristedion
Species : Peristedion barbiger
Authority : Garman, 1899