Red indianfish

The Red indianfish lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 40 - 80 m environment.

It is difficult to observe red indianfishes because of their excellent camouflage. When they are seen, they are found in rocky reefs and estuaries, often in similarly colored sponge beds. More

The Red Indianfish (Pataecus fronto) is a stunning fish that is sought after by divers along the east and west coast of Australia. More

Red Indianfish are strange looking fish that are experts at camouflage. They are found primarily in sponge beds, rocky reefs and estuaries. They were given their name because their long dorsal fin resembles the popular image of a native North American chief's headdress. More

The Red Indianfish is only found in Australian waters and it found from Moreton Bay in Queensland down to Durras in NSW and also from South Australia around to Shark Bay in Western Australia. More

A Red Indianfish at North Head, Sydney Harbour. More

The Red Indianfish, Pataecus fronto, has a very distinctive appearance, being laterally compressed and having a dorsal fin resembling an indian chief's headdress Its colour is variable from brown, though orange to dark red, sometimes with darker blotches. More

On this reef we saw two red Indianfish, so close that we could fit them in the one photo. Below is one of the photos. More

The common name of the Red Indianfish comes from the long dorsal fin which resembles the popular image of a native North American chief's headdress. More

It's the first Red Indianfish that I have seen and he was just great. It was a great dive at Bare island, La Perouse (Sydney) a couple of weeks ago. More

Looks very much like the red indianfish we get in Sydney. More

The red indianfish is not venomous. FEEDING ECOLOGY AND DIET Little is known about the diet of red indianfishes, but their diet probably consists primarily of shrimps and other crustaceans. May be eatern by larger predatory fishes. More

Common names

forehead fish in English
forehead fish in Unknown
Red foreheadfish in English
red indian fish in English
red indian fish in Unknown
Red indianfish in English
羽冠奇矮鮋 in Mandarin Chinese
羽冠奇矮鲉 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Pataecidae
Genus : Pataecus
Species : Pataecus fronto
Authority : Richardson, 1844