Long-snout gurnard perch

The Long-snout gurnard perch lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 170 - 250 m environment.

The Long-snout Gurnard Perch has a relatively elongate body and snout. The body is grayish, mottled with poorly defined reddish blotches. The pectoral fin and spinous portion of the dorsal fin are blackish. More

Long-snout Gurnard Perch Neosebastes longirostris Longtail Dottyback Ogilbyina velifera Lord Howe Butterflyfish Amphichaetodon howensis Lord Howe Conger Ariosoma howensis Louvar Luvarus imperialis Luculentus Wrasse Pseudolabrus luculentus Luderick Girella tricuspidata Lyre-tail Hawkfish Cyprinocirrhites polyactis More

Common names

Long-snout gurnard perch in English
Longsnout gurnard perch in English

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Neosebastidae
Genus : Neosebastes
Species : Neosebastes longirostris
Authority : Motomura, 2004