Fat sculpin

the big fat sculpin that lives under the black rock." "The black rock?" "That's right. He was asleep. Didn't have a chance. Hey, where are you going?" The sculpin wasn't there to answer. More

but he did get a fat sculpin there this time. Hauled ass home around 2:30 and realized thanks to my passengers one speaker was blown...then the other blows...new speaker time...a quiet ride home...but it was flat and a fast run. More

Caught a nice fat sculpin while salmon fishing the Nehalem in October. Other than that, a bunch of sticks and leaves, and two lost spinners. More

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Cottocomephoridae
Genus : Batrachocottus
Species : Batrachocottus nikolskii
Authority : Berg, 1900