Torrent sculpin

General DescriptionThe torrent sculpin is found only in the fast headwater streams of the Kootenai River drainage of northwest Montana. As with all sculpins, it presents a somewhat grotesque appearance with its large head, huge pectoral fins, and bulging eyes. More

Torrent Sculpin, (Cottus rhotheus) is found in the west coast of North America in the Columbia River, Puget sound drainages, and the North Thompson River. More

Shorthead, and Torrent sculpins) were found in various portions of the Columbia River system west of the Continental Divide, and one species (Spoonhead Sculpin) occupied waters of the Saskatchewan River system. More

and steelhead trout to predation by torrent sculpin in stream aquaria. Fish. Bull. 73:931-934. Patten, B. G. 1977. Body size and learned avoidance as factors affecting predation on coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch, fry by torrent sculpin, Cottus rhotheus. Fish. Bull. 75:457-459. More

Status of torrent sculpin (Cottus rhotheus) in Montana Jason Lindstrom Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Natural Resources Department � Fisheries Program Polson, Montana 2005 Description More

The torrent sculpin Cottus rhotheus is restricted to the Kootenai drainage in Montana, but is locally abundant in the habitats it occupies. To date, this species has been located in abundance in 25 third order and larger Kootenai River tributaries (Edson 1992; Gangemi 1993). More

The Torrent Sculpin is a unique western North American species endemic to British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and portions of northwestern Montana (Scott and Crossman 1973). More

transmontana, torrent sculpin Cottus rhotheus, reticulate sculpin Cottus perplexis, Paiute sculpin Cottus beldingi, prickly sculpin, northern squawfish, largescale sucker, redside shiner, specked dace, and yellow bullhead. More

Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Cottidae
Genus : Cottus
Species : Cottus rhotheus
Authority : Smith, 1882