Bonneville cisco

The species is listed as a Wildlife Species of Concern by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

The Bonneville cisco lives in the pelagic, freshwater environment.

The Bonneville cisco (Prosopium gemmifer) is a species of cisco endemic to Bear Lake along the Utah-Idaho border, USA. It is one of three species of whitefish endemic to Bear Lake, the others being the Bear Lake whitefish and the Bonneville whitefish. More

The Bonneville Cisco is differentiated from other whitefish by its pointed mouth and smaller size. Growing no larger than 9 inches, it is pale moss green on top with silver sides. Cisco don't have the spots found on other whitefish. More

The Bonneville cisco, Prosopium gemmifer, is one of three whitefish species endemic to (found only in) Bear Lake on the Utah-Idaho border. Bonneville cisco generally inhabit deep cool water. More

Bonneville cisco dip netting frenzy that used to occur when the rest of the state was on a fishing season and fishermen didn More

The Bonneville cisco is a long, slender, pearly-silver fish that rarely grows beyond seven inches. It has a dusky blue back and a brassy band along its flanks at spawning time. The snout is sharply pointed. More

The Bonneville Cisco spawns next in late January and early February. These fish are especially important to this lakes fishery. At an average of around 6 More

Title: Aspects of the feeding ecology of the Bonneville Cisco of Bear Lake Utah-Idaho Date of Publication: 1986 Geographic Location of Study: Bear Lake, Utah/Idaho Key Words: Prosopium gemmiferum, food, feed, ecology, Bear Lake, plankton More

The Bonneville cisco is native only to Bear Lake in Idaho and Utah. These fish first reproduce at the age of three and a 6 inch female can produce over 2,500 eggs, to be spawned in winter. Bonneville cisco are planktivores, feeding primarily on zooplankton. More

The Bonneville Cisco is perhaps the most recognized species of whitefish in Bear Lake, but did you now there are two others. More

Common names

Bonneville cisco in English
Ciscohelt in Danish (dansk)
貝爾萊柱白鮭 in Mandarin Chinese
贝尔莱柱白鲑 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Salmoniformes
Family : Salmonidae
Genus : Prosopium
Species : Prosopium gemmifer
Authority : Snyder, 1919