Small-eyed ray

The smalleyed ray is a species of fish in the Rajidae family.

The Small-eyed ray lives in the demersal, marine, depth range - 100 m environment.

never heard of the small-eyed ray (or painted ray as it was called in those days). In fact fishing from a small rowing dinghy over the sandy bed of Swanage Bay we landed several fish of just about record size. More

Common names

Arrai in Portuguese (Português)
hellfleckiger Roche in German (Deutsch)
Hellfleckiger Rochen in German (Deutsch)
Kleinäugiger Rochen in German (Deutsch)
Kleinoogrog in Dutch (Nederlands)
Owl ray in English
Paia-zimbreira in Portuguese (Português)
painted ray in English
painted ray in Ukrainian (українська мова)
Painted skate in English
Palettirausku in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Raia in Portuguese (Português)
Raia colorada in Spanish (español)
Raia-zimbreira in Portuguese (Português)
raie aux petits yeux in French (français)
Raie mêlée in French (français)
Raie mÍlée in French (français)
Raja drobnooka in Polish (polski)
Raya in Spanish (español)
Raya colorada in Spanish (español)
Raya de ojos in Spanish (español)
Raza in Serbian (српски језик)
Razza in Italian (Italiano)
rea lagadou bihen in Breton (brezhoneg)
rea roannes in Breton (brezhoneg)
Salahi in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Salahi in Greek, Modern (1453)
Small-eyed ray in English
Smalleyed ray in English
Smalleyed skate in English
Småögd rocka in Swedish (Svenska)
Småøjet rokke in Danish (dansk)
小睛斑鰩 in Mandarin Chinese
小睛斑鳐 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Rajiformes
Family : Rajidae
Genus : Raja
Species : Raja microocellata
Authority : Montagu, 1818