African ray

LONDON, June 7 (Reuters) - South African Ray Mali was named as acting president of the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Thursday following the death of Percy Sonn last month. More

African ray feeding, which they say was evocative of "a well-known electrical device used to suck the detritus from carpets, furniture, and other dust-gathering surfaces in modern homes. More

the property rights of South African Ray Finaughty and his family following a high-court ruling last month. More

African Rainbow Wrasse, African Ray, African Skate Common Names in French: Raie Africaine Common Names in Greek: Βάτος Aφρικής, Βάτος Aφρικής, Vatos Afrikis Common Names in Greek, Modern (1453): ⏠άτος Αφρικής, Vatos More

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Order : Rajiformes
Family : Rajidae
Genus : Raja
Species : Raja maderensis
Authority : Capap