Smallthorn sand skate

The smallthorn sandskate is a species of fish in the Arhynchobatidae family.

The Smallthorn sand skate lives in the demersal, marine environment.

Nothing known about the Smallthorn sand skate

Common names

Kleinstekelzandrog in Dutch (Nederlands)
Kleinstekelzandrog in Unknown
Ray in English
Raya hocico blanco in Spanish (español)
Smallthorn sand skate in English
Smallthorn sandskate in English
糙皮砂鰩 in Mandarin Chinese
糙皮砂鰩 in Unknown
糙皮砂鳐 in Mandarin Chinese
糙皮砂鳐 in Unknown

Order : Rajiformes
Family : Rajidae
Genus : Psammobatis
Species : Psammobatis rudis
Authority : G