West African bichir

* West African bichir, Polypterus retropinnis Vaillant, 1899. * Polypterus senegalus * Polypterus senegalus meridionalis Poll, 1941. More

known as the West African Bichir or Speckled Bichir and was first discovered in the Congo in Africa. These freshwater fish work well in an aquarium setting that has a tight lid, several hiding spaces and is over 50 gallons. More

* West African bichir, Polypterus retropinnis VaillantLéon VaillantLéon Louis Vaillant was a French zoologist. More

* West African Bichir;Polypterus retropinnis 12/31/69 * Polypterus palmas 12/31/69 * Ornate Bichir;Polypterus ornatipinnis 12/31/69 * Polypterus endlicherii 12/31/69 * Armoured Bichir;Polypterus delhezi 12/31/69 * More

simply referred to as the West African Bichir, and were commonly imported in mixed shipments with similar species. This snake-like fish is brownish-gray to an olive-green color. It has noticable rounded pectoral fins that it uses to prop itself up on the substrate. More

Common names

Bichir alimský in Czech (česky)
Mokuta in Other
Monga in Other
Moonga in Other
Mopolu in Other
Moposse in Other
Vestafrikansk bikir in Danish (dansk)
West African bichir in English
后翼多鳍鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
後翼多鰭魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Polypteriformes
Family : Polypteridae
Genus : Polypterus
Species : Polypterus retropinnis
Authority : Schliewen & Sch