The word comes from the Old Swedish törnbut and was adopted into English and French at about the same time, around the 13th century.

The turbot is a species of flatfish in the family Scophthalmidae. It is native to marine or brackish waters of the North Atlantic, Black Sea, Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. More

Turbot Township is a township in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 1,677 at the 2000 census. More

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The body outline of the turbot is almost circular. The upper side lacks scales, but has many bony tubercules. Males tend to be smaller than females. Breeding: Breeding occurs in April-August at depths of 10-40 m. More

Encyclopedia Turbot (familyFamily (biology)In biological classification, family is* a taxonomic rank. Other well-known ranks are life, domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, genus, and species, with family fitting between order and genus... More

Greenland turbot, greenland halibut, turbotin (small turbot). Description: Waters: "True" turbot are harvested in European waters from the Mediterranean and North Seas to Iceland and Normandy related fish inhabit marine waters worldwide. More

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Turbots grow to, at most, 40 in. (1 m) long and weigh about 55 lb (25 kg). Colour varies with the surroundings but is usually gray-brown or light brown with darker markings. A related species is the Black Sea turbot (S. maeoticus). More

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Add turbot (cut in bite-sized ... hearty and satisfying meal. Ingredients: 12 (catsup .. crab .. leaves .. oil .. sauce .. slices ... More

fishing for turbot and redfish in the international waters known as the nose and tail of the Grand Banks, compared with the 50 boats that worked in the area prior to the launching over the Canadian offensive last year, according to the Federal Department of Fisheries and More

The turbot is a large flatfish which is prized for its firm white flesh and subtle, refined flavour. Not a cheap option, but when cooked with a few carefully selected ingredients it makes a very fine meal indeed. More

Biology: The turbot is found on shallow waters and down to 80 meters depth. It’s not easy to spot as it covers itselves with sand and mud. The pattern and colors on the upper side is also a good camouflage. More

linkage map in the turbot, one of the most important flatfish in European aquaculture. This map will be suitable for QTL identification of productive traits in this species and for further evolutionary studies in fish and vertebrate species. More

The European turbot, Scophthalmus maximus, which inhabits the northeast Atlantic Ocean, is almost circular. It has both eyes on its left side, the left eye having migrated early in its development, and it lies on its right side at the sea bottom. More

Turbot (SS-427)—a Balao-class submarine—was laid down on 13 November 1943 at Philadelphia, Pa., by the Cramp Shipbuilding Co., but the contract for her construction was cancelled on 12 August 1945. More

* Greenland turbot populations are healthy; no overfishing is occurring. * This fishery is being carefully monitored due to recent declines in the numbers of juvenile fish. More

Turbot are a type of flounder. They are flat, roundish-oval salt-water fish that are sandy-brown coloured on their top side, and white on their undersides. Both of their eyes are on their upper side. It has no scales. More

turbotturbot - flesh of a large European flatfish Psetta maxima, turbot - a large brownish European flatfishflounder - flesh of any of various American and European flatfish 2. More

Turbot is a flat fish prized for its excellent firm white flesh and refined flavour. It is never the cheapest option at the fish counter, but it is rewarding when cooked simply, with well chosen accompniments. More

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The turbot, Scophthalmidae Psetta maxima is a flatfish native to the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, Baltic and Black Seas. They are valued as a food delicacy, and are hunted in large quantities in Coastal waters. More

Baby Turbot has caught on, becoming a fad in the fish market in recent years. You haven’t tasted truly intense fish flavor until you’ve tried the middle piece of a six to eight kilo Turbot. More

turbot definition tur·bot (tʉr′bət) noun pl. turbot -·bot or turbots -·bots any of various flounders, highly valued as food Etymology: ME turbut < OFr tourbout, prob. More

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Order : Pleuronectiformes
Family : Scophthalmidae
Genus : Psetta
Species : Psetta maxima
Authority : Linnaeus, 1758