Winter flounder

The winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus, is a flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae.

The Winter flounder lives in the demersal, oceanodromous, marine, depth range 5 - 143 m environment.

Winter flounders are highly regarded for their delicious white meat. They are sometimes called lemon sole in the U.S. . They can be differentiated from summer flounder because they almost always have eyes on the right side of their bodies. More

fish, the winter flounder has both eyes on one side of the head. More

The winter flounder, blackback, or lemon sole, Psuedopleuronectes americanus, is a demersal flatfish distributed in the Northwest Atlantic from Labrador to Georgia. Important U.S. commercial and recreational fisheries exist from the Gulf of Maine to the the Mid-Atlantic Bight. More

The winter flounder, like other flatfishes, varies in hue according to the bottom on which it lies, but it is the darkest of Gulf of Maine flatfishes as a rule. More

* Winter flounder are one of the five flounders most commonly found on dinner tables. More

Winter flounder vary in color, depending on the bottom where they live. Larger specimens are dark muddy brown or reddish brown, olive-green, or slate-colored to almost black. More

The winter flounder, also known as the blackback flounder, can be found from south Labrador and along the eastern seaboard of Canada and the USA as far south as Georgia. More

Description: The Winter flounder is a flat fish with both eyes on one side of the head. When resting on the bottom and facing right the eyes are on the upper surface. More

Winter Flounder Yolk-Utilization Project - Joe Perreira and Ruth Hartling Joe Pereira of NOAA/NMFS Milford Laboratory in Connecticut shows Ruth Hartling of UMass Amherst the finer points of flounder rearing. More

The winter flounder lives, as its name implies, in the cold northern waters of the western Atlantic. As with other flounder, its pancake-flat shape and color mutability provide it with a good camouflage against the bottom, where it feeds on insects and crustaceans. More

winter flounders are still a harbinger of each year's new saltwater fishing season. Here's the latest on how these flatfish are faring. ... More

preserve North America's winter flounder, a fish popular for its texture and delicate flavor. One key to protecting winter flounder populations, the scientists say, is to protect the habitats where young flounder develop and grow. More

Winter Flounder Board Releases Draft Addendum I for Public Comment: States to Conduct Hearings in April (April 1, 2009) Winter Flounder Board Fast Tracks Development of Addendum to Initiate Stock Rebuilding of Inshore Stocks (February 5, 2009) ASMFC Winter Flounder Board Approves State Implementation More

The body of the winter flounder is oval-shaped, flat, and thick. Beginning life with eyes on both sides of its head, after a few weeks, the left eye migrates to the right side of the body. More

Winter flounder are found in the waters of the Atlantic from Labrador to Georgia where they grow to lengths of two feet and live relatively short life spans of four to five years. More

Winter Flounder Reproduction Winter flounder are unique among fishes of the Mid Atlantic and New England states. More

flounder season is closed when Winter flounder is open, and they are NOT the same fish. In the Southern NJ area (our Great Bay/Tuckerton Bay area in particular), the Winter Flounder fishing generally starts to pick up around March 10. More

Common names

Amerikansk flundra in Faroese (Føroyskt)
Blackback in English
Carrelet in English
Chomatída in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Chomatída in Greek, Modern (1453)
common flounder in English
dab in English
Flounder in English
Georges Bank flounder in English
Lemon sole in English
lemon-yellow flounder in English
Limande plie rouge in French (français)
Limande-plie rouge in French (français)
Mendo limon in Spanish (español)
Mustaselkäkampela in Finnish (suomen kieli)
plie rouge in English
plie rouge in fc
plie rouge in French (français)
rough flounder in English
Sogliola limanda in Italian (Italiano)
sole in English
Solha de inverno in Portuguese (Português)
Solha-de-inverno in Portuguese (Português)
Solla roja in Spanish (español)
Stornia amerykanska in Polish (polski)
Vinterflundra in Swedish (Svenska)
Vinterflynder in Danish (dansk)
Vinterflyndre in Norwegian (Norsk)
Winter flounder in English
winter flounder (German: Amerikanische Winterflunder) in English
Winterflunder in German (Deutsch)
Žieminė plekšnė in Lithuanian (lietuvių kalba)
камбала зимняя in Russian (русский язык)
美洲拟鲽 in Mandarin Chinese
美洲擬鰈 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Pleuronectiformes
Family : Pleuronectidae
Genus : Pseudopleuronectes
Species : Pseudopleuronectes americanus
Authority : Walbaum, 1792