Hornyhead turbot

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The Hornyhead turbot lives in the demersal, marine, depth range 9 - 200 m environment.

turbot and the hornyhead turbot, both of the Pacific Ocean. Scientific classification: Turbots belong to the order Pleuronectiformes. The European turbot is classified as Scophthalmus maximus, the spotted turbot as Pleuronichthys ritteri, and the hornyhead turbot as Pleuronichthys verticalis. More

Hornyhead Turbot - Pleuronichthys verticalis Others - Not Shown (there are many similar looking fish from these families) C-O Sole (Pleuronichthys coenosus) © 2001 Paul Foretic C-O More

study gene expression in hornyhead turbot and zebrafish, which are phylogenetically distant (Figure 1), suggests that this array will be a useful diagnostic screening tool to monitor responses to contaminants in Perciformes, Pleuronectiformes, and fish from other taxa for which there are limited genomic sequence data. More

Hornyhead turbot (Pleuronichthys verticalis) were collected at each station during May-June 2006, a time period associated with peak spawning activity. More

STUDIED: Hornyhead turbot like this were caught. CALIFORNIA FISH AND GAME DEPARTMENT More

hornyhead turbot-Dana Point; and black croaker-outside Mission Bay. Increased probability of lesion occurrence was indicated by odds ratios greater than 1.000, and decreased probability of lesion occurrence was indicated by odds ratios less than 1.000. More

Common names

Charlottin têtard in French (français)
Charlottin tÍtard in French (français)
hornyhead turbot in English
Kaliforniyskaya tverdogolovaya kambala in Russian (русский язык)
Platija in sp
Platija cabeza dura in Spanish (español)
platija cornuda in Spanish (español)
Platija espinosa in Spanish (español)
Turbot in English
头角木叶鲽 in Mandarin Chinese
头角木叶鲽 in Unknown
頭角木葉鰈 in Mandarin Chinese
頭角木葉鰈 in Unknown

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Order : Pleuronectiformes
Family : Pleuronectidae
Genus : Pleuronichthys
Species : Pleuronichthys verticalis
Authority : Jordan and Gilbert, 1880