Cigarette paper

The flathead sole is a right-eyed flounder with an oval-shaped body.

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The Cigarette paper lives in the demersal, oceanodromous, marine, depth range 0 - 1050 m environment.

The burn rate of cigarette paper is regulated through the application of different forms of microcrystalline cellulose to the paper. Cigarette paper has been specially engineered by creating bands of different porosity to create "fire-safe" cigarettes. More

The Cigarette Papers is a website that showcases the shocking disparity between the tobacco industry's private knowledge and their public statements over the past 50 years. More

Cigarette Paper Technology - Philip Morris USA = print send close Thank You. Your message has been sent. Sorry! There was a server error in sending the form. Please try again later. More

Quality interleaved cigarette paper avialable for sale in select markets worldwide.... More

cigarette paper plant in North Carolina enabled the U.S. cigarette industry to flourish after the end of World War II. Cigarettes and Health As the popularity of cigarette smoking increased in U.S. More

rings of very-thin cigarette paper which are used on top of common cigarette paper through the paper production process. The rings work as "speed bump" to slow the number at which cigarettes burn down as the burning end passes them. More

Though seemingly innocuous, cigarette paper is largely responsible for the rate at which a cigarette burns and the amount and density of the smoke it produces. The paper displays a pattern of concentric circle striations called "burn rings. More

CIGARETTE PAPER The present invention relates to a cigarette paper and in particular, but not exclusively, to a cigarette paper for hand-rolled cigarettes. Cigarettes are conventionally cylindrical in shape. However, some smokers prefer tapered cigarettes that are wider at the lit end. More

Cigarette paper is simply rolling paper that is cut into sections that are the ideal size for assembling a cigarette. This strong tissue paper is formulated to provide enough support to contain the loose tobacco during the rolling process. More

Common names

Alaska-håising in Danish (dansk)
Balai du Japon in French (français)
Cigarette paper in English
flathead sole in English
Heilbuttscholle in German (Deutsch)
Ihémek'we in Salish
Ihémek'we in Unknown
Nordpacifisk håising in Danish (dansk)
Paper sole in English
Plaskoglów in Polish (polski)
Platija japonesa in Spanish (español)
Solha-japonesa in Portuguese (Português)
Umagarei in Japanese (日本語)
камбала охотоморска in Russian (русский язык)
камбала северная камбала палтусовидн in Russian (русский язык)
камбала северная камбала палтусовидна&# in Russian (русский язык)
камбала северная камбала палтусовидная in Russian (русский язык)
太平洋拟庸鲽 in Mandarin Chinese
太平洋拟庸鲽 in Unknown
太平洋擬庸鰈 in Mandarin Chinese
太平洋擬庸鰈 in Unknown

Order : Pleuronectiformes
Family : Pleuronectidae
Genus : Hippoglossoides
Species : Hippoglossoides elassodon
Authority : Jordan and Gilbert, 1880