Flounder (alternative name Fluke) is an ocean-dwelling flatfish species that is found in coastal lagoons and estuaries of the Northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. More

The southern flounder, Paralichthys lethostigma, is the largest of more than 25 species of flatfishes found in Texas coastal waters. More

The secret to successful flounder cookery is to not overcook. Whichever of the following cooking methods you choose, your flounder will be cooked when its flesh becomes opaque but is still moist and is easily pierced with a fork. More

When born, the flounder is bilaterally symmetrical, with an eye on each side, and it swims near the sea's surface. After a few days, it begins to lean to one side, and the eye on that side migrates to what eventually becomes the top side. More

Flounder, flounder, in the sea… In an old fairy tale, a flounder will grant wishes. Wishing for a great fish dish? Try these top-rated flounder recipes. Sign up now. More

The flounder is wonderfully adapted for its way of life. More

* Flounder is a good, low-fat source of B vitamins and an excellent source of niacin. For more on nutrition, see Nutrition Facts. More

Flounder fishing in North Carolina's inshore waters is discussed including links to where to go, baits and rigs, and other information on NC Flounder Fisheries. More

We go Flounder Gigging at the EXACT SAME SPOT the World Record Flounder was caught, which was in 1983! The WORLD RECORD FLOUNDER, 20. More

Flounder Fishing Tips and Methods that Work = Try these tips to catch more flounder - By Ron Brooks, About. More

* Winter flounder stocks have suffered severe declines according to the most recent assessments in 2008. * Winter flounder are managed under state and federal fishery management plans. More

The Flounder Brothers, Fred, Floyd and Felix, are proud of their Antiques, Objects d’Art and Fleet of Boats. We hope you enjoy and appreciate them as much as they enjoy finding them for you. More

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The summer flounder or fluke, Paralichthys dentatus, is a demersal flatfish distributed from the southern Gulf of Maine to South Carolina. Important commercial and recreational fisheries exist from Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras. More

Flounder are highly prized as both a food and game fish in the state. Adult southern flounder leave the bays during the fall for spawning in the Gulf of Mexico. The young fish along with the adults in the Gulf will re-enter the bays in the spring. More

Flounder are bottom hugging fish that spend most of their lifes laying in ambush of their prey. They typically are found in shallow areas at night, were they come to feed on small fish and shrimp. More

Taking flounder in the dark with a gig and light - By Ron Brooks, About. More

America, Flounder in general is a saltwater fish living off the east coast. But, there are Southern Flounders (Achiropsettidae) and Summer Flounders (Paralichthys dentatus, aka Fluke, aka Large-tooth Flounders. More

Flounder Bay Yacht Club (FBYC) is located on the west side of Fidalgo Island, north of Deception Pass and three miles west of downtown Anacortes, Washington. Flounder Bay Yacht Club is an auxiliary of the Skyline Marine Owners Association Condo-18. More

How to Find the Flounder You WantFor countless anglers, summer means flounder fishing. Some anglers like lots of bites; some wait patiently for the telltale strike of a doormat. Here's how to find the action you like best. More

accounts for more than 95 percent of the flounder harvest in the state. Southern flounder occur from North Carolina to the mouth of the Rio Grande and southward into Mexico. They are usually found west of the Mississippi River. More

Flounders are flatfish that live in ocean waters in Northern European waters and along the east coast of the United States and Canada, as well as the western Pacific near Japan. The name "flounder" refers to several geographically and taxonomically distinct species. More

Flounder Fishing in Texas = Leslie Williams, Dickinson Marine Lab, Dickinson Texas Because of its delicious taste, flounder is one of the top three fish targeted by anglers in Texas bays. More

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Place flounder on greased foil ... brown. Makes 5-6 servings. Ingredients: 7 (cheese .. filets .. juice .. mayonnaise .. onion ...) 3. More

The summer flounder has a flat, rounded body that is brownish on top and whitish on the bottom. Adults have: * Both eyes on the left, or top, side of the head. More

place i have found to catch alot of flounder is the inlets. be carefull when fishing and out going tide. sometimes you. the cape fear river is one place were big flounder are caught. a flounder will bite the bait and hang on for a ride. More

Flounder is a quick way to visualize regularly spaced 4D data, i.e., a data set that is a function of x, y, z, and time. More

Order : Pleuronectiformes
Family : Paralichthyidae
Genus : Syacium
Species : Syacium micrurum
Authority : Bleeker, 1862