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Did flatfish wind up with two eyes on the same side of a lopsided skull through a few chance mutations? Or did this happen gradually, over tens of millions of years? The answer, in turns out, has been gathering dust for nearly two centuries More

A flatfish is born with its eyes in the normal position, and the young fish swims normally. Before long—within two or three days in some species—one eye begins to move around the head, and the body grows wider and flatter. More

Bug-Eyed Flatfish Evolution Revealed = AFP Print Email * Yahoo! Buzz More

The flatfish are an order (Pleuronectiformes) of ray-finned fish, also called the Heterosomata, sometimes classified as a suborder of Perciformes. The name means "side-swimmers" in Greek. More

Flatfish is the second album, and debut studio recording, by Anglo-Irish celtic music group Flook, released in 1999 on Flatfish Records. Track listing - 1. More

lures10+ Flatfish Lures at Great Prices. Shop, Compare and Save at Pronto.Lure.Pronto.comflatfish, common name for any member of the unique and widespread order Pleuronectiformes containing over 500 species (including the flounder, halibut, plaice, sole, and turbot), 130 of which are American. More

Apart from Greenland halibut there are a number of flatfish stocks of importance in the Icelandic fisheries, including plaice, dab, long rough dab, lemon sole, witch and halibut. All these stocks are fully utilized by the Icelandic fleet and TACs have been established for them in recent years. More

Flatfish are a group of mostly saltwater, carnivorous, bottom-dwelling fish in which both eyes are located the same side of the head. The under side of a flatfish is white while the upper side with the two eyes may be brightly colored. More

Flatfish swim on one side only; the side facing downwards is always very pale. See also brill; dab; fish; sand dab; turbot. More

Worden's Famous Helin Flatfish is one of the most successful fishing lures ever developed! The secret is the Flatfish's perfect balance and buoyancy that enhances its one-of-a-kind swimming, wide-wobbling action - even on slow retrieves. More

One of the most productive lures of all time, the Flatfish is at home fishing for salmon in the Pacific Northwest, chasing walleyes, lake trout, northern pike and muskies or catching bass. On slow retrieves, the wide wobble of the Flatfish just begs to be eaten. Per each. More

flatfish by having a midline that is nearly straight for its entire length. Range: Pacific sanddabs occur from Cape San Lucas, Baja California, to the Bering Sea. They seldom inhabit water that is shallower than 30 feet or deeper than 1,800 feet. More

Flatfish Introduction - Flatfishes are unique in that the skull is asymmetrical with both eyes on the same side of the head. More

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flatfish, common name for any member of the unique and widespread order Pleuronectiformes containing over 500 species (including the flounder, halibut, plaice, sole, and turbot), 130 of which are American. More

Flatfish Championship is the only tournament that can guarantee that each junior angler that weighs in a fish will have his/her photo published in Fisherman’s Post Newspaper. More

Flatfish - the future of fresh ocean produce. Flatfish specialises in the process and distribution of lemon sole and plaice to major food retailers. The company is committed to purchasing fish that is harvested using sustainable fishing techniques. More

Pacific halibutColor on this flatfish is restricted to one side, with both eyes on the right side of the head. Usually dark brown or gray, marbled with paler shades, white on blind side, Recognized by the slightly forked tail, sturdy body and large, almost symmetrical mouth. More

Flatfish may swim on or near the bottom, partly covered, and feed on small marine animals. The young are bilaterally symmetrical and swim like most other fish. More

In that time FlatFish has become one of the most popular and productive lures ever created. Because of it's success, FlatFish has also become one of the most imitated lures. More

All flatfishes have an unusual flattened body form well suited to life on the bottom. The development of the young flatfish recapitulates to some degree the probable evolutionary process. More

flatfishflatfish - sweet lean whitish flesh of any of numerous thin-bodied fish; usually served as thin filletssaltwater fish - flesh of fish from the sea used as foodflounder - flesh of any of various American and European flatfishfillet of sole, sole - lean flesh of any More

A flatfish is a fish in the order Pleuronectiformes. The fish are extremely unusual, and in addition to being valuable food fish, flatfish are also the subject of intense scientific scrutiny. More

(which is the original Flatfish designed in the 1930's by Charles Helin) has been around and catching fish for decades. Worden's new Timber Tiger™ and Sea Tiger™ series of deep and shallow water crankbaits incorporate the latest in lure design and technology. More

50 years the FlatFish has been around and catching fish with its one-of-a-kind swimming action. More

flatfish definition flat·fish (-fis̸h′) noun pl. More

Common names

Dapa in Tagalog
Dapang bilog in Tagalog
Flatfish in English
Palad in Tagalog
Palad in Visayan
Sebelah in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Tatampal in Tagalog
斑鰭斑鮃 in Mandarin Chinese
斑鳍斑鲆 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Pleuronectiformes
Family : Paralichthyidae
Genus : Pseudorhombus
Species : Pseudorhombus malayanus
Authority : Fowler, 1934